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We accomplish this with project teams that are comprised of both project management and site supervision professionals and support from our in-house technical services groups: estimating, domestic and global procurement, scheduling, MEP systems, structural engineering and building enclosures. Our personnel manage all on-site aspects of the project including tradespeople, cost control and communication with the owner and architect. Our project teams are accessible to clients and dedicated throughout each project’s life cycle.

Under the standard construction management as agent delivery method, ACG Construction acts as a third-party manager of the construction process. This delivery method utilizes an open book approach, where owners have access to all of our project documents and are made aware of aesthetic, schedule and cost trade-offs before making program and design decisions. Owners have the opportunity to be involved at each stage of the process from pre-construction and trade contractor selection through construction and closeout.

ACG Construction has experience in many sectors and we believe that technology and building renovation and modernization are two areas that require dedicated resources due to the unique challenges and complexities inherent to them:

ACG Group Technologies offers comprehensive construction, consulting, site selection and project management services for mission critical facilities, such as data centers and telecommunications facilities. Since its inception, ACG Group Technologies has consulted for, sited, built and/or renovated over 5 million square feet of mission critical space and related infrastructure for a diverse group of clients in the public and private sectors.

ACG Interiors specializes in working within active building environments and delivering projects with unique scheduling and/or spatial parameters. ACG Interiors manages building-wide renovation and modernization projects, building system upgrades, specialized renovation and refurbishment projects within landmark and/or historic buildings, and large, multi-site capital programs for both the private and public sector.
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  • Trade Contractor Procurement
  • Field Supervision
  • Construction Coordination & Scheduling
  • Municipal Agency Permits, Approvals and Sign Offs
  • Quality Control
  • Testing & Inspection
  • Equipment Commissioning & Site Training
  • Administer Site Safety Programs

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Accrete Construction Group is a recognized leader in New York City residential building. We are as experienced with restorative landmark conversions as with ground-up construction. Our commitment to quality and an indisputable track-record has resulted in ACG construction of over 10,000 housing units.
Accrete Construction Group is diversely qualified to complete large core and shell retail complexes, as well as execute build-outs for the boutique luxury goods sector that requires exacting tolerances to meet quality brand standards of the client.
Health Care
Advancements in the healthcare industry dictate the need for the medical community to reposition and upgrade facilities to meet technological innovations, and ACG has a long history serving the medical community, having supervised renovations of existing facility operations, as well as overseeing new facility construction.
Our work has involved the renovation of historic landmarks that maintain original architectural details while incorporating modern day features and amenities. ACG construction is highly sensitive to in-place tenant populations that may inhabit existing environments where work has commenced, and each phase of the project is methodically planned so as to not cause operational disruption while work is in progress.